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  JBM - Sport : Nationen MX Maggiora/I
Febvre gewinnt mit Frankreich das Nationen-MX

The most prestigious race in the annual motocross calendar once again proved to be an incredible sporting event with thousands of fans from all around the world filling the Italian hillside circuit of Maggiora. The 70th Motocross of Nations took place last weekend at this historical venue after 30 years from the most famous edition ever.

WRP had the chance to be there thanks to their best riders presence, with a very motivated Romain Febvre (Team France) and Jeremy Van Horebeek (Team Belgium) in foreground. In the first race Febvre had an effective start and without losing time, after few laps he was able to take the leadership up to the checkered flag. The second race for the Yamaha Factory rider was more complicated due to a not so good start around the tenth position. Lap after lap he starts a fierce comeback, trying to get the best score. Exactly at the last lap the France representative reached the Brit Tommy Searle and was able to do the overtake necessary to get the point which gives to the French team (and to WRP handlebars) the second consecutive win of this important trophy.

Jeremy Van Horebeek, riding for this event a factory 250cc Yamaha, proved one of his best performance of the season by finishing first overall of the MX2 riders, helping the Belgian Team to finish fourth in the contest.

• Romain Febvre – Team France - winner of the Motocross of Nations
• Jeremy Van Horebeek – Team Belgium – winner of the MX2

Das Yamaha MX Werksteam vertraut auf WRP Lenker

28.09.2016 16:22:25

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