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  JBM - Sport : MXGP Uddevalla / S

The last MXGP race saw the return of the Yamaha Factory rider Romain Febvre to the top positions. In Sweden Febvre started the first moto leading the GP that he won in the last visit two years ago but a mistake took him out of the lead so he was forced to work his way back from 12th to finish 6th.

Moto 2 started with a holeshot for Febvre just ahead of Herlings and Gajser. After a bike failure for Herlings, Gajser took 2nd position and set his sights on the #461. The Slovenian and the Frenchman battled for several laps coming extremely close at times. At the checkered flag Febvre was first ahead of Gajser to secure GP second overall place while the HRC rider took the overall win.

Romain Febvre in the press conference said: “I am really happy, it has been a tough season for me. We finally made a good step forward and we can start at the front. I finally got on the podium this weekend after I finished 4th I think three times so it is good.”

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