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diesen Monat:1062
dieses Jahr:22535

  JBM - Sport : Trial-WM Sokolov / CZ
Bou (HEBO) WM-Titel Nummer 22


1. Raga 36 Pkt.
2. Bou 53 Pkt.
3. Busto 54 Pkt.
4. Fajardo 54 Pkt.
5. Fujinami 59
6. Cabestany 64 Pkt.


1. Bou 172 (Weltmeister)
2. Raga 147
3. Busto 118
4. Fajardo 108
5. Fujinami 106

GP Czech Republic 17 TrialGP 2017 Round TR7 , Trial 1

Toni Bou raises the World Championship title tally to 22

This Sunday in the Czech Republic, Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou, found space in the trophy cabinet for yet another world championship prize. Second place on the day was enough to accrue sufficient points to seal the 2017 TrialGP title.
Eleven outdoor and eleven indoor championships extend Toni Bou’s absolute domination of the sport to over a decade. The Repsol Honda Team rider just keeps on making trial history. Today in Sokolov, Czech Republic, Bou once again donned the victor’s shirt after a taxing, complicated trial where the champ had to settle for runner-up spot. The result brought with it an outburst of joy after the tensions of the previous week, given that fourth place on the day was all that was needed to guarantee the top overall prize.
Repsol Honda Team brother-in-arms Jaime Busto ran the full range of emotions during the trial. At best, the Basque rider led the event for most of the first lap. By the end, the promising young rider was holding third spot with the corresponding third position in the overall championship rankings.
Likewise, Takahisa Fujinami performed well in spite of being one of the first riders to start the TrialGP course on this wet and humid morning. Fortunately the rain held off throughout the trial although showers during the night had left the terrain in a delicate state which made the second lap all the more challenging. Fujinami raised his game and occasionally flirted with the podium positions before posting fifth final place.
The eighth and final event in the TrialGP world championship takes place next weekend in Arco di Trento, Italy.

14.09.2017 12:59:18

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