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  JBM - Sport : MXGP Neuqen/Arg
Beide Yamaha-Werkspiloten in den Top 5

Romain Febvre

Jeremy van Horebeek

Last weekend the opening round of the FIM Motocross World Championship took place on the spectacular track of Neuquen, Argentina.

In the first hunt for valuable championship points Romain Febvre started following the defending World Champion Antonio Cairoli around turn-one. The talented 26-year-old French knows that championships are not won at the first race and he remained cool and calm for the entire 30-minute plus 2 lap duration of the race to finish fourth place.

Like his Monster Energy Yamaha Factory Racing teammate, also Jeremy Van Horebeek appreciates the importance of riding within his limits at the start of the season, especially in challenging conditions. The 28-year-old Belgian got off from an average start and rode a solid pace lap after lap to bag fifth place in the first outing.

In the second moto race roles had reversed between the two YZ450FM riders. Van Horebeek ripped a decent start with his teammate Febvre in his wake. The duo engaged a bar-to-bar battle for fourth place, which raged on until the checkered flag. Van Horebeek managed to keep his teammate at bay for fourth place in both the race and the overall results, while Febvre was forced to be content with fifth.

06.03.2018 13:22:23

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