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  JBM - Sport : Trial GP Japan

TrialGP 2018 Round TGP 2 , 2
Toni Bou back on the podium and retakes the TrialGP leadership
Toni Bou today clinched an excellent second place in the TrialGP of Japan, the second event of the season, as the day two was battled out in the natural areas surrounding the Twin Ring Motegi circuit. The Repsol Honda Team rider returns to the top of the overall championship leaderboard.
Toni Bou re-found the missing bond with the bike on day two of the GP in Motegi which saw the champion right back in the battle for a win. Despite the handicap of having to start out in the leading group of riders, Bou held a solid pace, without accruing excessive penalties, to reach the end of the trial still with options of victory. In the end, the Repsol Honda Team rider had to settle for second place, although he reinstates himself at the head of the overall standings in the TrialGP World Championship, with 50 points to the 48 of the nearest second place rival.
Toni Bou’s team-mate in the Repsol Honda Team, Japan’s Takahisa Fujinami, suffered today, especially on the first lap, where he committed too many errors that cost him heavily in the final result. The rider managed to limit the damage on the second lap and lowered the score, but was unable to score better than an overall ninth place. ‘Fujigas’ is now sixth overall in the championship standings.
The next round of the TrialGP World Championship will be held in Andorra on the 16th and 17th of June. The event, which will have the qualifying day on Saturday, returns to the single day of competition format.

12.06.2018 11:02:58

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