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  JBM - Sport : X-Trial Bilbao
Klarer Sieg für Bou (HEBO) vor Raga (HEBO)

X-TRIAL Bilbao 19
X-Trial 2019 Round XTR3 , Race
Toni Bou back on top after a great triumph in Bilbao
Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou rode to victory in the third round of the FIM X-Trial World Championship held tonight in Bilbao. The second win of the season sees the champion bounce back to the head of the overall standings.
As Bilbao debuted as a host in the FIM X-Trial World Championship, spectators at the Bizkaia Arena-BEC were able to witness a somewhat hesitant start from Toni Bou who nevertheless made the cut for the second phase.
The second round saw the Repsol Honda Team rider finish on equal points with Adam Raga whom he went on to beat in a thrilling final. The final proved to be a hotly disputed one with Bou emerging victorious for the second time this season.
The win means that Toni Bou, once again, retakes the top spot in the overall rankings with a five-point advantage over Adam Raga.
The fourth trial of the X-Trial World Championship is scheduled for this coming Saturday, February 23rd at the Palacio Municipal de Deportes in Granada, Spain.

Results X-Trial Bilbao 2019
Pos. Rider Num Nation L1 L2 L3 T3 Points Team Constructor Time/Gap
1 BOU Toni 1 SPA 20 Repsol Honda Team Montesa 7
2 RAGA Adam 67 SPA 15 TRRS Factory Team TRRS 9
3 BINCAZ Benoit 16 FRA 12 Beta Factory Racing Beta 5
4 BUSTO Jaime 69 SPA 9 Gas Gas Factory Team Gas Gas 11
5 GELABERT Miquel 11 SPA 6 Sherco Factory Team Sherco 16
6 FAJARDO Jeroni 4 SPA 4 Gas Gas Factory Team Gas Gas 18
7 MARCELLI Gabriel 38 SPA 3 RG Team Montesa 12
8 PETRELLA Luca 98 ITA 2 Beta Factory Racing Beta 15
9 HAGA Sondre 99 NOR 1 TRRS Factory Team TRRS 21

Rider Standings
Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Constructor
1 BOU Toni 1 SPA 55 Repsol Honda Team Montesa
2 RAGA Adam 67 SPA 50 TRRS Factory Team TRRS
3 BUSTO Jaime 69 SPA 30 Gas Gas Factory Team Gas Gas
4 FAJARDO Jeroni 4 SPA 25 Gas Gas Factory Team Gas Gas
5 BINCAZ Benoit 16 FRA 24 Beta Factory Racing Beta
6 GELABERT Miquel 11 SPA 10 Sherco Factory Team Sherco
7 CASALES Jorge 33 SPA 6 Vertigo Factory Team Vertigo
8 FUJINAMI Takahisa 3 JPN 5 Repsol Honda Team Montesa
9 MARCELLI Gabriel 38 SPA 3 RG Team Montesa
10 DABILL James 22 GBR 3 Beta Factory Racing Beta
11 PETRELLA Luca 98 ITA 3 Beta Factory Racing Beta
12 HAGA Sondre 99 NOR 1 TRRS Factory Team TRRS
13 PEACE Dan 17 GBR 1 Sherco Factory Team Sherco

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