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  JBM - Sport : MX GP Shanghai
Jeremy Seewer (WRP) finishes runner-up in the MXGP Championship!

Monster Energy Yamaha Factory's Jeremy Seewer finished the 2019 MXGP season as the championship runner-up after celebrating the eighteenth and final round of the series in Shanghai, China, on the third step of the podium.
Seewer was hit by a rock in moto-1 on his goggles hard enough to split his eyelid. With blood from the eyelid injury affecting his vision, Seewer fell but still made an inspirational recovery to finish fourth.
The pressure of the championship had been completely lifted for Seewer going into the final race of the season after he scored enough points to secure the silver medal in race one. The 25-year-old '91' pulled an enormous holeshot in moto-2, then established his speed and skill by defending a well deserved third place.
Seewer’s teammate Romain Febvre was classified ninth overall in the MXGP Championship despite missing six rounds due to several accidents suffered during the season.

23.09.2019 11:41:22

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