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  JBM - Sport : MX-GP Niederlande
Kein Guter Tag für Henry Jacobi

Very positive Dutch GP for Team SM Action Yamaha in Valkenswaard, during the second GP of the season.
Superlative races for Maxime Renaux in MX2 and Andrea Adamo in EMX 250, the duo conquered the podium in their respective classes.

In Race-1 after a sensational start Renaux is in the top three. The French, thanks to his race pace, finishes the moto with an excellent 3rd place. In Race-2, Maxime repeats his performance taking the 3rd position immediately. At the finish, Renaux conquers another very important 3rd place which is worth the 2nd step of the podium. In the overall Championship classification , the Yamaha SM Action Team riders gains seven positions and is now 4th.

Weekend to forget for Henry Jacobi in the MXGP top class. After the good performance of the week earlier in England, in Race-1 the German during the first lap came in contact with another rider while dueling in the top 10 and crashed. Then, trying to regain positions, a second crash forced him to retire. In Race-2, something similar to the first fraction happened. After a good start in the top 20, Henry was forced to another DNF.

30.03.2020 14:52:25

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