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diesen Monat:1206
dieses Jahr:19106

  JBM - Sport : Erfolgsstory Galfer 2020

Once again, Galfer Moto riders achieved some great results during the 2020 season, winning 25 championship titles in all, including 12 world championships.

Despite the difficult period due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the major restrictions that all motorcycling world championships have had to face, the 2020 season will also go down in Galfer history because of the amazing results it achieved in all categories.

Once again, Galfer riders have been amazingly successful, and names such as Toni Bou, Andrea Locatelli, Steve Holcombe and Emma Bristow have been crowned Elite world champions in their respective categories and have become living legends in modern motorcycling.

This means that Galfer ends the 2020 season on a happy note, celebrating an incredible 2020 track record, with 12 world, 1 European and 12 national championships, divided between Spain (6), Italy (5) and France (1) in the various categories (8 Trial championships, 6 Enduro championships, 6 Motocross championships, 4 Speed championships and 1 Flat Track championship).

Motorbike manufacturers such as Yamaha, Honda, Beta, Montesa, TM Racing, Sherco, Fantic, Vertigo and Zaeta have helped the riders to achieve their successes, with all motorbikes being fitted with GALFER brake products.

In the Road category, a special mention goes to the Supersport 600 Championship won by Andrea Locatelli (Evan Bros), who clinched an incredible 11 victories in 15 races, and the Moto3 World Team Championship won by the Leopard Racing team. We should also highlight the world championship race victories achieved by Tatsuki Suzuki (SIC58) and Jaume Masiá (Leopard Racing) in Moto3 and by Remy Gardner (SAG Team) in Moto2. All of them used the new, latest generation Galfer Racing JCW1 brake discs.

In the Off-Road category, there were double world championships for Toni Bou (Montesa-Honda) in X-Trial and TrialGP and for Steve Holcombe (Team Beta Factory Enduro) in Enduro2 and EnduroGP. Not forgetting the championships won by Brad Freeman (Team Beta Factory Enduro) in Enduro3 and by Andrea Verona (TM Racing) in Enduro1, using fixed RW “Disc Wave®” brake discs and Racing G1396R brake pads.

30.11.2020 15:29:35

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