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  JBM - Sport : X-Trial Bilbao
Nur Bou gewinnt immer

X-Trial 2020 Round XTR5
Toni Bou clinches the fifth victory of the X-Trial season in Bilbao
The Repsol Honda Team rider Toni Bou has achieved, in Bilbao, the victory in the fifth round of the FIM X-Trial World Championship. After this fifth win in a row this season, Bou increases his leadership in the series.
This is the second occasion that Bilbao hosts a race of the FIM X-Trial World Championship and the public of the Bilbao Exhibition Center have seen Toni Bou with a hesitant start in which he has marked 8 penalties, 4 more than his arch-rival Adam Raga. Even so, he has been successfully qualified for the second phase.
The Repsol Honda Team rider has made the second round with a better precision, making 12 points in the 5 zones with a high technical level. With this result, and being the best of his group, Bou has been able to go to the final where he has seen the faces again with Adam Raga. A great final that has been very tight, but Toni Bou has won the victory by being more precise through very demanding areas. The Montesa Cota 4RT rider has finished with 9 penalties against the 12 of Raga.
With this triumph, the Repsol Honda Team rider is the leader of the World Championship, with 35-point advantage.
For the sixth race of the X-Trial World Championship, where Toni Bou will arrive with the possibility of winning a new world title, we will have to wait more than a month, since it will be held on March 21 at Wiener Neustadt, in Austria.

Results X Trial Bilbao 2020
Pos. Rider Num Nation L1 L2 L3 T3 Points Team Constructor Time/Gap
1 BOU Toni SPA 9 9 20 Repsol Honda Team Montesa
2 RAGA Adam SPA 13 13 15 TRRS Factory Team TRRS
3 BINCAZ Benoit FRA 2 2 12 Beta Factory Racing Beta
4 FAJARDO Jeroni SPA 3 3 9 Sherco Factory Team Sherco
5 MARCELLI Gabriel SPA 17 17 6 RG Team Montesa
6 CASALES Jorge SPA 25 25 4 Gas Gas Factory Team Gas Gas
7 GELABERT Miquel SPA 15 15 2 Vertigo Factory Team Vertigo
8 MARTYN Toby GBR 25 25 1 TRRS Factory Team TRRS

Rider Standings
Pos. Rider Num Nation Points Team Constructor
1 BOU Toni SPA 100 Repsol Honda Team Montesa
2 RAGA Adam SPA 75 TRRS Factory Team TRRS
3 FAJARDO Jeroni SPA 34 Sherco Factory Team Sherco
4 BINCAZ Benoit FRA 28 Beta Factory Racing Beta
5 BUSTO Jaime SPA 28 Vertigo Factory Team Vertigo
6 CASALES Jorge SPA 28 Gas Gas Factory Team Gas Gas
7 MARCELLI Gabriel SPA 25 RG Team Montesa
8 GELABERT Miquel SPA 24 Vertigo Factory Team Vertigo
9 MARTYN Toby GBR 2 TRRS Factory Team TRRS
10 TOULY Kieran FRA 1 Scorpa Factory Scorpa

17.02.2020 11:47:04

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